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We pride ourselves on our commitment to Healthy Eating and we actively promote and encourage this by providing healthy, nutritionally balanced meals and snacks freshly prepared daily for all our children making use of the facilities our Nursery in Rowley Regis has to offer.



Choice of cereals: Weetabix, Rice Krispies or Multi Grain Hoops and/or Wholemeal Toast – Milk/Water to drink

MID MORNING SNACK: Fresh or dried fruit - Milk/Water to drink

LUNCH: (Example)

Chicken breast, with boiled potatoes, cabbage/ peas and gravy - pineapple and jelly- with water/milk


Ham, Chicken or Cheese sandwiches (on Wholemeal Bread), Fresh/dried fruit – Milk/Water to drink

All dietary requirements are followed as requested by parents. If any child has a dietary requirement or allergy then the food/beverage on the menu will be replaced with a substitute where possible, which has equal nutritional value.

Weekly menus are available on request.


Our Nursery in Pictures